Carrot Negotiations

"I've been gone for all of four weeks, and you're already replacing me. How can you?"

"Yes you're right, I am irreplaceable. So why are you trying?"

"You're not really replacing me? You'll always love me but you need someone else to love when I'm not around?"

"But you're feeding him carrots! I could eat those, if you weren't feeding them to him."

"I couldn't really eat the ones you're feeding him, could I? But I can eat the one you're holding right now!"

Munch, munch. "Thank you."


Munch munch.


"Okay. You'll feed me all the dream carrots I want, and you'll feed him the real world carrots I can't eat anymore."

"Hey, don't cry, it's alright. You can always visit me in the dream world. Dream carrots taste even better than real ones."

"I just thought I'd mention it."

Munch, munch. "Thank you."

"Let's go for a ride, shall we?"

"Hey, look there's a bunch of cows on that meadow over there. They're bucking and running. Let's race them!"

"Hah, that was fun. Did you see how I routed the bull?"

"Okay, so he was a small bull. Yes, I know he was hardly more than a calf."

"But I routed him!"

"And how did you like the way I soared over than river?"

"It wasn't more than a little creek? Oh."

"But I did jump it. With meters to spare!"

"It rattled your teeth? Oh, I'm sorry. But it was so much fun! Let's turn and do it again!"

"Huff, huff. Huff."

"Didn't you love the wind as it blew around our ears? Want to do it again? Huff, huff."

"Huff. No, I'm not tired. Huff, huff. I just need a moment to catch my breath."


Huff, huff, huff.

"You need to get back to sleep? Already?"

"Okay. But you will come back tomorrow night, won't you?"

"That's good."

"Sleep well, then. I'll go chase some clouds while I wait for you! See you tomorrow!"