Herbwoman Clara

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Dear Reader,


Meet Clara the herbwoman.


Clara lives in a small village, surrounded by fields and forests, and tends the villager's ills with the help of a little magic, and a lot of herbs and potions. She tends the herbs in her kitchen garden, takes long walks to find medicinal plants to use in her salves and potions, and occasionally borrows her father's still to distill essential oils from the plants she harvests.


We will watch her as she goes through her daily routine, preparing her remedies and treating her two- and four-legged patients.

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From the Herbwoman's Cauldron: Calendula-Basil Salve

Calendula Marigold flower petals maceration skin care salve
Calendula Flowers

Dear reader, meet Clara the herbwoman: She's the midwife and healer in a rustic little village in the midst of miles and miles of nothing but fields and forests.

Winter is drawing to a close, but it's still cold out, and the farmers are starting to ready their tools for the coming planting season. The farmers' hands are roughened by the cold weather, and their skin is starting to chafe and split, even as those hands are needed to do fiddly repairs on tools or to sew new clothes for the coming spring.


Many a farmer will call on Clara to find a salve to soothe the skin, to enable those much-abused hands to do the necessary chores. Thus, today we find Clara stirring herbs into her cauldron, to cook up the salve the farmers will need. Let's watch over her shoulder while she assembles her ingredients on her wooden kitchen table:

  • Several bunches of fresh-cut basil, harvested from one of the pots Clara keeps on her window sill all winter.
  • A jar of calendula oil she's prepared by macerating calendula flower petals in sunflower oil, which she's let steep on a shelf by the oven for the last six weeks.
  • Clarified butter that she's rendered from the fresh butter one of her patients has bartered for her services last week.
  • Beeswax from her own beehive out in the kitchen garden.
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